Genius hour blog post 1

I am doing my genius hour project on marketing/business skills. By the end of this project I hope to know how to sell and market a product or service to the consumer. I want to know the best methods of selling and running a successful business. After reaserching everything and knowing a lot more about business and marketing  and how to make the most money out of the least cost. I chose this area for my genius hour project because one day I would like to run a very successful business.

I would also like to learn more about investing in stocks and propertys and such other things that I could make a lot of profit on in the future. After learning how to invest I am going to teach the class everything I learned threw the blog I make. Not only do I want to learn all the techniques to selling a product or service I would like to know how to get the customers to come back over and over again.  willl be using the internet, books, movies to learn everything I want to know.


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    October 2013